Friday, September 23, 2011


HAPPY FRIDAY! Things have been pretty crazy work-wise for me lately, which means by the end of the week, I'm just plain worn out. I have even found myself thinking about work lying in bed at night and I've had to consciously tell myself to switch off and let my mind have some peace and quiet. BUT today is Friday and I'm so happy it's nearly the weekend :)

Do you have any weekend plans? I am thinking that it might be time for our first post-winter trip to the beach, and I'm also keen to check out the Brisbane Festival and the Santos City of Lights laser light show before it ends.

Here are some of my fave blog reads from this week:

• I'm not usually into glitter too much, but I love this DIY glitter tablescape. It's kinda pretty and magical :)

• Love this 'make your own teabags' DIY

• A gorgeous, unique and cosmic way to paint your nails

• Now that the weather's getting warmer here, the idea of an outdoor dinner party sounds amazing

• The cutest Thor themed birthday party

These summer rice paper rolls look SO yummy!

• A beautiful photograph, and such true words

Hope your Friday is a breeze, and your weekend is happy x

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  1. What ever happened to photo booth Fridays? Time to bring them back please!


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