Thursday, June 16, 2011


It has been a while since my last etsy favourite things post (you can read my first one here) and of course, I have 'favourited' about a bazillion things since then! So I thought it was time to share a few more:

I am having a love affair with midi skirts (& dresses...) at the moment and I can't wait until it's summer here again, so I can wear them with a tshirt, a pair of sandals and a tan. You can find this one here.

The CUTEST vintage teapot, complete with a little bunny rabbit snout! (find it here)

I'm not much into traditional romance, so I love this card-- cos let's all face it, love is about the good times AND the hairy legs/messy/forgetful times as well right? :)

How amazing is this iphone dock? Yep, it's made from real wood (mmm, the smell of timber) AND it really does charge your iphone. They are custom made to order, available here.

At the moment, one of my favourite times of the day is having a hot (hot) shower right before bed and getting clean and cosy. I have had my eye on these kimono robes for a little while-- I especially love that they are eco-friendly, highly absorbent and dry quickly.

Love this little porcelain doily-inspired necklace and mini porcelain 'hello' brooch.

My very favourite pair of earrings are made from feathers, but after enduring a few rainy nights, they are looking a little bit worse for wear. I love this pair.

A lovely little print reminder with cute illustrations (it says 'practice small random acts of kindness daily').

This post reminded me of this funny little Woody Allen print (seems he's QUITE the popular man at the moment!).

I think this crown card would be perfect for the kiddos-- or even the big kids too ;). It's packed flat and comes complete with a matching envelope.

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  1. I am also loving midi skirts right now--especially if they have accordion pleating! Those prints are also fab. You def need that robe oriental fifty! xox!


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