Friday, June 24, 2011


HAPPY FRIDAY! We took these photobooth photos last night on our shiny new imac-- I think it's funny how in the first two pictures, Patrick and I are pulling the same face, in the opposite photo (not planned). Ok, maybe it's just me that thinks that's funny. Moving right along...

Have you got any fun/different/exciting weekend plans? We haven't had a catch-up with our friends in f-o-r-e-v-e-r (in between work/family commitments/sickness & so on, & so forth!) so we're hoping to get together this weekend because everyone is finally free and healthy. I'm EXCITED :)

Just saw this print on pinterest and thought it was highly appropriate for today's post (it's available here).

Hope your Friday is super x


  1. Wait that is so funny that you have the same but opposite faces in the 1st two photos! Sooo cute are you guys! Happy weekend and LOVE this poster as well! xox!

  2. bahaha yeah well the keyboard stickers aren't really made for guys :P they are quite 'cutesy' and feminine so i can understand why he doesn't want them :P if my bf and i had a shared computer, he would've said the same thing!! xx opinionslave

  3. Wow I'm so impressed you're still doing PBF! Well done! I got distracted and have missed way too many weeks now haha. Love the print :)

  4. I adore photo booth pictures in general and love that you do a photo booth FUN!!! It reminds me of the time my boyfriend, mow fiancé, and I tried it out on my MacBook Pro and didn't know it was going to take 4 pictures in a row and the 4 pictures are hilarious!!! :) So glad I stumble upon your lovely blog!

    Liesl :)


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