Tuesday, June 14, 2011


It is our Monday here today, due to a long weekend-- our very last long weekend for the year (sad face!). I spent most of the time trying to get better and I think, today, I'm finally starting to get there, thank goodness. So even though it was a low-key long weekend, it was still lovely just the same. Some of my favourite long weekend loves:

• driving way out into the suburbs one night for a zarraffas coffee (due to our local one closing down), and discovering a yummy new burger place right next door to them as well! Yay!

• warm nights in, when it's cold and rainy outside

• Patrick's home-cooked breakfast: pancakes with fried banana, bacon and maple syrup... SO GOOD

• end of financial year sales at pretty much every single store around (actually that is probably a bad thing.... eeeep!)

• freshly laundered bed sheets

• super duper cool new glasses (ie. the prescription kind that help you to see) to replace my old frames-- I pick them up in a week and a half, yipee :)


  1. goddamn those pancakes look delish mmmmm banana lol

  2. really?!
    its the last long weekend of the year?
    why are all the long weekends only all squished together during the first part of the year aye?

    the sky looks amazing up in QLD?
    its been a rain out all long weekend here in syd!

    hope ur well lovely and u hope u had a awesome awesome long weekend!



  3. I would hate knowing I didn't have any long weekends coming up! I like sitting in an ignorant bliss, so when time off pops up, it's a lovely surprise :)


thank you very kindly for your comments :)

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