Monday, June 27, 2011


We had a BUSY weekend. It involved:

• two early mornings

• haircuts-- a trim for me, but a totally new do for Patrick. I'm pretty sure he's more stylish than me now!

• catch-ups with our friends and their cute kiddos, and a sore tummy from laughing so much

• another cute and thoughtful (belated) little birthday present

• a visit to the airport with Patrick's fam to see his mumma (waiting for her flight back home after flying in from a holiday overseas). I love airports.

• a trip to the carwash cafe-- why yes, I will have a coffee while we wait for you to clean the car, thank you.

• warm, afternoon sun

• watching the sunday night movie-- Rambo: First Blood Part II-- with my love and a hot chocolate

Such a good weekend, but now it's Monday and I am one very sleepy Rachael. An early bedtime tonight sounds like a plan.

Hope your Monday is rosy x

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  1. Rachel!! I thought you said it was winter there? It fully looks like summertime! What is this coffee & car wash thing? Amazing to say the least! Happy week beauty! xox!


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