Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I purchase mostly all of my clothes online, so I was quietly very excited to stumble across the pretty little boutique, Ruche. I was even more excited about their more reasonable shipping costs, which is sometimes not-so-nice for us out here on the island (AKA Australia) ;)

They have the loveliest vintage-inspired clothing, and I honestly could have bought every second piece. Oh, and how dreamy are these pictures from their lookbook 'Unending Love'? His hand on her face melts my little heart!

PS. Do you have any favourite online clothing stores? x


  1. Great blog, thanks for stopping by! Added you to m Google Reader because I can just tell I'll like you :)

    Ps; The font is by Jessica Hische who is one of my favourite designers, check her out!

  2. Oh wow, I really think you may have just nudged me to, finally, go and check out their website!

  3. i love all of these so much! what a lovely boutique online. that blue dress is so darling! :)

  4. lindas fotos, composições, cores e estilo!

  5. i lovee ruche! so beautiful. haha australia the island. the delivery costs can get pretty ridiculous cant they!
    i lovee this lookbook x

  6. Wouldn't you just love to live inside the Ruche lookbook? It's all so pretty. (Especially the prices!)


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